EARNConversations 2021 provided a week-long series of virtual discussions that lifted up state and local policy research from across the Network and provided EARN partners with the ideas and resources needed to better advocate for racial, gender, and economic justice.

This was a pivotal moment during which we had an opportunity to make transformative investments in our communities and reforms to the standards and supports that for too long have left many working people struggling to get by. EARNConversations brought together researchers, advocates, and grassroots organizers to strategize how states and localities can act on the lessons of the past year and use an unprecedented supply of resources to build worker power and improve the well-being of working families.

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Welcome to EARNConversations: Transformative Investments in Workers, Communities, and Job Quality

September 27 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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  • Naomi Walker (Moderator), Director of EARN, Economic Policy Institute
  • Melissa Boteach, Vice President for Income Security and Child Care/Early Learning, National Women’s Law Center
  • Kitty Richards, Director of State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds, U.S. Treasury Office of Recovery Program
  • Branden Snyder, Executive Director, Detroit Action
  • Amy Sugimori, Director of Policy and Legislation, 32BJ SEIU


Session Description

In this session, speakers will reflect on critical learnings from the pandemic and discuss how they should be used to shape future policy. We will discuss ways state and local governments can make transformative investments in public infrastructure, high-quality jobs, public health systems, and worker supports using unprecedented levels of Federal support. Speakers will address how state and local recovery fund impact advocates and organizers, how resources can be leveraged to improve wages and working conditions, the need for investments in human capital, and strategies to engage in the political process to use federal funds.

The Economic Policy Institute would like to thank the following funders for their ongoing and generous support for the Economic Analysis and Research Network (EARN): 
American Federation of Teachers 
Bauman Foundation 
Bernard and Anne Spitzer Trust 
Ford Foundation  
International Association of Machinists  
International Brotherhood of Teamsters Kresge Foundation  
National Association of Letter Carriers  
National Education Association 
National Infrastructure Alliance 
Marguerite Casey Foundation 
Omidyar Network
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Service Employees International Union 
Surdna Foundation 
United Auto Workers  
United Brotherhood of Carpenters 
United Food and Commercial Workers 
United Steelworkers of America 
W.K. Kellogg Foundation 

EARNConversations 2021

EARNCon 2021 will be virtual again this year from September 27 to October 1, 2021! Learn more by visiting our EARNCon page and register by following this link.