Using State Fiscal Recovery Funds: Sustainable, Equitable, and Community-Driven Planning

Key Takeaways

  • Spending federal relief dollars should be cross-sectional and community-driven.
  • The plan for utilizing ARPA fiscal recovery funds should include long-term revenue options to sustain critical investments.
  • ARPA recovery fund usage is not limited based on citizenship, and addressing the disparate impact of COVID-19 is encouraged – so funds can and should be used equitably and inclusively.

Excluded Workers Demand Inclusion: $200 Million Investment is Essential Though Less than Half of What’s Needed

In this pivotal moment, DC policymakers must spend federal rescue funds in a timely way, with a laser focus on addressing the racial inequities that have excluded Black and brown communities from economic gains and left them more vulnerable to the COVID-19 crisis. Unfortunately, federal policymakers excluded certain residents—including immigrants who are undocumented and workers in the informal cash economy—from federal relief that provides vital cash assistance to those who have lost income. Intentional investment is needed from DC policymakers to right this unfair exclusion and pursue an equitable and inclusive future for these workers.