Building local solidarity with organizing workers: April EARN Worker Power Bulletin

EARN Worker Power Project Bulletin

State and local policy updates and resources for advancing racial, gender, and economic justice

We know EARN groups around the country are already contributing ideas, research, analysis, strong testimony, coalition building, and more to act in solidarity with workers who are organizing to build power in a wide array of state and local contexts.

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4 Key Points on Inflation

  1. The main driver of inflation today is the pandemic, which has disrupted the whole economy. The main solution is ending the pandemic.
  2. While worker wages have grown during the pandemic, there is no reason to believe worker wage increases are what’s driving inflation.
  3. There is little reason to believe too-generous government relief spending is driving inflation. The weakened economy needed it to grow in 2021, and that spending is falling sharply in 2022.
  4. Hopes of closing the United States’ terrible racial wage and employment gaps would be dimmed if policymakers overreact and sacrifice growth for lower inflation.

Confronting the Labor Shortage Narrative and Protecting UI

Blogs, reports, and data to help describe current labor market conditions, address the labor shortage narrative, and discuss the need for continued UI:

Statements and blog posts responding to states pulling out of federal UI supplements:

Other potentially useful reports and data:

News Articles Mentioned: