The State of Working Connecticut – 2021

Connecticut Voices for Children released a new report, “The State of Working Connecticut,” which outlines the need for progressive budget reform, highlights the depth and scope of the state’s economic problems, and provides policy options to address those problems. The combination of a shrunken economy with a highly inequitable distribution has weakened both the state’s fiscal standing and the standard of living for most families, and Connecticut’s economy is on track to grow slower than the U.S. economy during recovery from the recent recession if the state doesn’t act to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Using State Fiscal Recovery Funds: Sustainable, Equitable, and Community-Driven Planning

Key Takeaways

  • Spending federal relief dollars should be cross-sectional and community-driven.
  • The plan for utilizing ARPA fiscal recovery funds should include long-term revenue options to sustain critical investments.
  • ARPA recovery fund usage is not limited based on citizenship, and addressing the disparate impact of COVID-19 is encouraged – so funds can and should be used equitably and inclusively.

Coming Together for Loudoun County: Collective Bargaining Strengthens Communities and Families

Loudoun County is a growing, increasingly diverse community that is a place of aspirations and contrasts: one of the highest-income counties in the United States, and a place where many who do the essential work of our communities can’t afford to live. Loudoun has top-notch public services, and Loudoun’s public employees play a significant role in creating and maintaining those services, and it’s important that we make sure that those public servants are fairly paid and have a voice in their workplace. Allowing collective bargaining will provide county employees a formal voice to lift up ways to improve public services and build a more equitable workplace. In the end, that benefits every one of us.