Maryland’s Poor Taxed More Than Rich; Communities of Color Feel Biggest Pinch

The state’s highest income households pay the lowest percentage of their yearly earnings in state and local taxes compared to middle-class and low-income households. Residents struggling the most to make ends meet — Maryland’s poor and minorities — also are being taxed to a greater extent than the wealthiest. This unfortunate reality reinforces both economic and racial inequalities in Maryland and policymakers should correct it. All Marylander’s should pay their fair share to support our schools, public safety and other services we all benefit from.

Low- and moderate-income taxpayers — those making less than $67,000 and who are more likely to be people of color – pay the highest share of their household incomes in state and local taxes. The top 1 percent of Maryland taxpayers  — those making more than $481,000 — are more likely to be white and pay the lowest share of their household income in state and local taxes. The result: a racially imbalanced tax structure.