Low Pay and High Turnover in Texas State Agencies and Universities Cost Us All

Every Texan and the Texas State Employees Union (TSEU) released a report based on a survey of 217 state employees detailing the conditions in Texas state agencies with historically high turnover. The report, “Low Pay and High Turnover in Texas State Agencies and Universities Cost Us All,” provides insight into the devastating consequences of low pay and high turnover for Texas state employees and those they serve.

Key report findings include:

  • 61% of survey respondents report not receiving a wage increase over the past year, despite historically high levels of inflation. The state of Texas has not provided an across-the-board pay increase to the entire state workforce since 2014;
  • 56% of survey respondents report considering leaving their job for higher compensation;
  • 73% of survey respondents report that staffing levels in their department over the past year have been historically low;
  • 71% of survey respondents report that low staffing has affected their agency’s ability to provide clients/facilities/families with quality services;
  • Survey respondents report increased workloads as agencies struggle to recruit and retain workers;
  • State employees report concerns that rising workloads result in a decline in the quality of services provided to everyday Texans;
  • State employees surveyed report emotional stress and in some cases physical harm.

Texas State Employees Union and Every Texan urge the Legislature to begin to address some of the problems detailed in the report by:

  • passing HB 202 to guarantee every state employee a salary increase that appropriately addresses decades-long wage stagnation coupled with current inflation.
  • passing HB 830 to provide an annual cost of living adjustment to the state pension program and ensure retirement benefits keep pace with current-day costs.

The most powerful elected officials in our state prove that they favor wealthy corporations over everyday Texans by rigging the system against working families of all backgrounds. These same officials give billion-dollar tax giveaways to their friends in high places, while not doing their job to fund or responsibly manage the public goods and services that benefit us all, like public parks, libraries, schools, highways, and more. It’s time for Texas’ elected officials to invest in our common good.