Building on Iowa’s smart energy leadership

Iowa has a rich history in renewable energy and energy efficiency. The 1983 requirement that investor-owned utility companies utilize renewable energy for part of their production portfolio was the first such law of the land, now known as a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). “Twenty-nine states, Washington, D.C., and three territories have adopted an RPS, while eight states and one territory have set renewable energy goals.”

Another notable measure is the Solar Energy Tax Credit. Created by the Iowa Legislature in 2012, it allows those who install solar panels to recover up to 15 percent of that cost as a credit on their Iowa income taxes.

Iowa has also led in requiring utilities to assist their customers in reducing inefficient energy use. Without the 1990 Energy Efficiency Law (EE law), many new power plants would have been needed. Instead, the same level of comfort, lighting, and work has been accomplished with efficiency rather than producing more electricity and gas.