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Earncon 2018: Chicago

EARN announces EARNCon 2018 will be held Oct 3-5 in Chicago!

The 2018 EARN Conference will be dedicated to building economic power for working families and communities.

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  • PA

    Democracy in Pennsylvania – 2018

    Nineteen years ago, in advance of the July 4th celebration of the birth of our nation, Keystone Research Center issued a report on “Democracy in Pennsylvania.”  The report put two well-known facts next to one another: the gap between the haves and have-nots and the importance of money in politics. It raised the question: could […]

  • OH

    Assessing Ohio’s child care system

    Infants and toddlers in Ohio need high-quality child care. There are nearly 400,000 working mothers in Ohio with children under age six and most use some form of child care when parents are working or for child enrichment purposes. This paper discusses how best to make sure children get good care and parents can continue […]

  • NH

    New Hampshire’s Economy: Strengths and Constraints

    New Hampshire has experienced a relatively robust economy in recent years. Growth has returned to rates similar to those from before the Great Recession, and the unemployment rate has remained below three percent since late 2015. Incomes appear to have increased for workers, with many middle- and low-income workers finally returning to near pre-Recession levels […]

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