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The Kansas Center for Economic Growth is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that conducts research and analysis to promote balanced state policies that help ensure all Kansans prosper. The Kansas Center for Economic Growth’s mission is to advance responsible policies by informing public discussion through credible, fact-based materials. We serve policymakers, the media and all Kansans who want to engage in making our state a place where opportunity and economic growth are widely shared.

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  • Kansas’ Health and Prosperity Index: 2016

    A healthy Kansas economy starts with healthy Kansans. Our state enjoys many advantages when it comes to health – open space, clean air and water, and a good sense of community. Despite these amenities, however, Kansas finds itself in the middle of the pack when examining the health, economic, and social foundation of the state […]

  • Kansas Public Education: The Foundation for Economic Growth

    Kansans have long recognized that education is key to economic growth. In 1874, the Territorial Legislature took the first steps to increase school attendance by passing a compulsory school attendance law. The rationale: “education was key to the state’s growth and development, since a literate and skilled citizenry could help build business and industry.” Over […]

  • Who Pays? The Cost of Kansas’ Tax Cuts for Local Communities

    Kansas has sharply reduced state support for schools, libraries and other community services in recent years, forcing towns and cities to cut programs that Kansans depend upon or raise more money locally to sustain them. While the cuts by the state were initially prompted by the Great Recession, the substantial income tax cuts Kansas lawmakers […]

  • A “Lost Decade”: Revisiting Kansas’ past, so we can redirect its future

    Claims that Kansas’ failed tax-cut experiment was justified as a response to a “lost decade” for the state’s economy aren’t borne out by what actually happened at that time. If anything, there is strong evidence that Kansas’ economic situation is worsening since the tax cuts began to weaken the state’s ability to make public investments […]

  • The Cost of Admission: Higher Education in Kansas

    • February 1, 2013
    • Staff Report

    After years of declining state investment in higher education due to failed tax policy, Kansas college students incur higher debt and reduced economic prospects. In the past, college was the ticket to a bright future. Each year of education after high school increases earning potential and opens the door to more stable, rewarding careers. Furthermore, education […]