Indiana Institute for Working Families

The Indiana Institute for Working Families – a program of the Indiana Community Action Association (INCAA) – conducts research and promotes public policies to help Hoosier families achieve and maintain economic self-sufficiency. The Institute is the only statewide program in Indiana that combines research and policy analysis on federal and state legislation, public policies, and programs impacting low-income working families. The Institute achieves its work through advocacy and education, and through national, statewide, and community partnerships.

Since its founding in 2004, the Institute has become a reliable source for information on low-income workers in Indiana and analysis of the policies affecting their economic well-being. The Institute furthers the debate that sometimes work alone is not enough to support a family and that the educational and training needs of Indiana’s workforce must be addressed in order for Indiana to compete in a global economy. The Institute plans to build upon our success to impact public policy issues through continued research, education, and outreach.

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