New Mexico Voices for Children

Founded in 1987 by a group of pediatricians, New Mexico Voices for Children (NM Voices) is a nonpartisan, statewide advocacy organization. We work to create systems-level sustainable change that will improve the lives of New Mexico’s children. To accomplish our mission, we work with state and national lawmakers and officials to shape and implement public policies that are supportive of children and working families.

Because we believe in evidence–based advocacy, we conduct rigorous research and data analysis. NM Voices is the only nonprofit child advocacy organization in the state examining tax and budget policy issues specific to the needs of the poor.

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  • New Mexicans are Worth More: Raising the State’s Minimum Wage

    While a handful of New Mexico municipalities – including the cities of Albuquerque, Las Cruces, and Santa Fe, and Bernalillo and Santa Fe counties – have raised their minimum wages in recent years, the state-wide minimum wage has not been raised since 2009. Still at $7.50 an hour, its purchasing power has eroded considerably over […]

  • Raising the State Minimum Wage

    Raising the minimum wage is an effective strategy for reducing poverty in New Mexico, particularly given the erosion of its purchasing power since it was last raised in 2009. In the legislative session that begins in January 2017, New Mexico lawmakers should enact legislation to raise the minimum wage to $12.50 per hour by 2021, […]

  • New Mexico’s Working Families Tax Credit

    Our economy is strongest when people have money to spend and, while the rest of the nation is recovering from the recession, New Mexico is still struggling to attract good-paying jobs. When people work full time and still don’t earn enough money to cover the basics, our economy is not at its healthiest. Tax credits […]

  • Valuing Families at Work: The Case for Paid Sick Leave

    Paid sick leave is critical for families for health care and economic reasons. Parents should not be forced to choose between caring for themselves or family members and their jobs. The lack of paid sick leave adds stress to families, exposes co-workers unnecessarily, and risks the spread of infectious diseases to children in schools and […]

  • Raising the New Mexico Minimum Wage

    Raising the minimum wage is an important and effective strategy for reducing poverty particularly given the erosion of the purchasing power of the state wage since it was last raised in 2009. In New Mexico, approximately 112,000 workers are earning the current state minimum wage of $7.50. In January, New Mexico lawmakers should act to […]

  • The State of Working New Mexico 2014

    In the past two decades a momentous shift has taken place within our workforce. New Mexico’s labor force, which in 1990 was dominated by workers in their prime working age (those aged 25 to 54), now has a much more significant role for workers over age 55. This is to be expected as our population […]